Back!… Summer break…

Okay, so I have a few updates, but will spread them out. I decided that due to people, rightly so, being on holiday I would take advantage of this and have a slight break in Norway, just me and nature (and a bit of #Oslo, which by the way is now a #Vegan mecca! I definitely recommend the Nordvegan restaurant if you go) check out the Buddha bowl from there below!


So, I travelled to Lofoten, by car, a good 22 hour journey just taking in the scenery and wanting to hike and get on top of some of those mountains for the views. I did it on the cheap and enjoyed it thoroughly. Why did I come back?! Oh yeah, Ice Warrior! I have a campaign to run about our #lastpole #expedition attempt!


So, I actually came back to some great news, Johnsey Estates at Mamhilad park had put a wonderful plug in their newsletter for me. They have been incredibly supportive of my campaign and can’t thank enough for all their efforts and help so far. It was a delight to step off the coach and be presented with this. I will capitalise on this now and follow up with everyone it went out to, I’ve missed talking to people about what I am doing with Ice Warrior project. My immediate work circle included.

Okay, so summer is over (ish) and it’s back to the grind! I have a load of updates to get through, all exciting. I’ve dropped a few pictures in from #Norway. Take a look!

Norway chrome.jpg





Back to work!

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