Technology is great… media is better

Nothing but a nightmare from technology! The last 3 weeks have been quiet due to a laptop meltdown, trying to get the hard drive docked and a minor battle with the internet in general. I know I know. Always back up and I DID to an extent, but only about 60%.

Although I have kept an external hard drive back up, I haven’t been able to access my tabs (What happened to you Mozilla?) or historic emails, so have been putting it all back together and have at least 98% success. So, I’ve been turning up the pressure on the campaign and find out who I need to get back to, or even contact again. On the plus, I have a huge haul of media behind me at the moment and more to come.

I managed to secure a fantastic piece in the Vegan Life magazine… can’t thank them enough for doing such a feature and will continue to update them as I go. The vegan community has really gotten behind me here and I have been doing my best to capitalise on it and tell as many as I can.

A wonderful piece by the Abergavenny Chronicle outlining my plight and our cause and again, can’t thank them enough and hope to follow up as I go too.


Then of course was picked up by the local South Wales Argus… online link by here, give it a read! It’s a fantastic piece and really proud of it.

Then, I had the pleasure of doing a 2 hour piece with Energize Radio in Newport. Had a fun 2 hours with Darren and Simon and played some great tracks and a fun chat, on and off air!

Incidentally, Energize Radio is a great project and would be grateful if you could give them a like and some support so they can continue doing the great work they do.

Another station coming up, more media, more exposure… Oh, I also have a milestone in funding coming up but of course, details are behind curtains until finalised. Tomorrow I head to London for Jim McNeills Icons interviewed series with Felicity Aston MBE and it’s going to be an incredible evening, really looking forward to it.

Now I have my laptop back, ish… or at least access to the hard drive, I can push harder on social media, more to come!

#lastpole #vegan #icewarrior #expedition

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