Back from an unofficial break.

First, I need to say, I had no intention of taking a break… this was completely unintentional, but necessary. In short, life got on top of me and I needed to take care of it and clean house, so to speak. After losing my other grandmother back in the beginning of the year, I figured […]

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New year, same challenge

What a year, it’s been one hell of a ride… Now, I have been quite quiet, but for good reason. Having completed core skills and and continued training right through out November and December, it came as a bit of surprise that due to certain circumstances the #LastPole attempt has been put back a year […]

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Core skills begin!

So, I said I had a milestone, and I do… but I am going to hold off on that for the moment. The last few weeks have been incredibly busy, personally, I do have a real job and it’s been vital that I knuckled down for a bit and get stuck in because I had […]

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Back!… Summer break…

Okay, so I have a few updates, but will spread them out. I decided that due to people, rightly so, being on holiday I would take advantage of this and have a slight break in Norway, just me and nature (and a bit of #Oslo, which by the way is now a #Vegan mecca! I […]

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Some updates so far.

It’s been an incredibly busy time these last few weeks and have spoken to some truly wonderful people about what I and the team are doing for the #lastpole attempt. I had the pleasure of speaking with the Monmouthshire Beacon who ran a lovely story on my campaign so far, how I got here and […]

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Hit the ground running.

I’ve been canvassing as much as I possibly can with contacts I already know, but today I had the pleasure of meeting with The Monmouthshire Beacon news to give an interview and information about our campaign and pledge to reach the pole of inaccessibility and very much look forward to seeing the finished article. It’s […]

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