Why vegan? It’s the biggest question asked, next to “Where do you get your protein?” – I used to ask the same questions, until I found the the answers were quite easy. I chose veganism to remove the hypocrisy of being an animal lover yet still eating others. I found it unnerving that people were outraged at dog meat, yet fine with cow meat. I try not to preach, I am not fussed on what people eat as such, but the “choice” thing sort of loses its argument when you forget that animals have a choice to live too.

I genuinely do my best to to limit harm and suffering to other beings, I also follow whole food plant veganism, as such I only try and eat unprocessed foods and even go as far as tracking my macronutrients. There are incredible health benefits to eliminating animal products from your life, from lower risk of diabetes, hyper tension, various forms of cancer and also reducing the carbon emissions from mass factory farming.

As I said, I am not using this as a platform to preach, I have a lot to focus on and a lot to work on for myself. However, I will document what I eat and how I use whole food plants to train to the best of my ability, I will also post as many useful links that I find, from environmental to health that I feel other people may find interesting.

Okay, so I am surprised by the LACK of questions about veganism. Which is nice in a way, as it means I can concentrate on my campaign a bit more. But I feel that recently veganism has hit the news running.

Now, it’s an ethics thing when you use the V word. Even if there wasn’t incredible health benefits to Veganism, I would still have made the decision to ditch animal products for climate change and abuse.

But, I have found following a whole food plant based diet has worked wonders for me. So I thought I would post what books I have read that led me down this path of health on top of veganism.

Dr. Greger at and his book How Not To Die. For true geeks of nutrition, this man is the guru and gold standard on nutritional science.

Dr. Garth Davis at and his book, Proteinaholic, which looks at the protein myth, how much is “enough” and why animal protein is simply a bad source of protein. You don’t have to be vegan to read this one.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his classic China Study, the most comprehensive look at nutrition ever. A must read and some what starting point for most people with plant based diets.

I’ll leave these here for now. But I will add more as I go, as well as the incredible athletes that are thriving on plant based diets who inspired me to push myself harder.