Vegan Ice Warrior – The journey begins for the #LastPole with Ice Warrior project.

May 2017 marks the beginning of a huge step in my life, I have officially signed up to take part in the Ice Warrior project to do something positive and achieve something quite extraordinary… I also need to mention that I am vegan and I will be using this life changing expedition to show case how easy it is do such an extraordinary thing with a plant based diet. This expedition will be an exciting and bold venture to try and access the centre of the arctic ocean in February of 2018, known at present as the inaccessible pole – no one has yet managed to make it there, Jim McNeill has attempted it before and come so close… we hope to change that this time. As part of a team of 28 ordinary people from all walks of life, we will train to become Ice Warriors, we shall begin our journey from here in the UK and then each take flight north to participate in a journey across the arctic ice, collecting core samples as we go and taking the “pulse of the planet”, watching out for cheeky polar bears and experiencing some seriously cold conditions up to -50 degrees Celsius. Our aim is to bring back as close to scientific fact as possible of how the polar ice caps are melting and by how much, showing the world exactly what is going on with the conditions of our Arctic ocean. It will take us 80 days and cover almost 800 miles and will be split up into 4 legs.

This is will be a LAST world first as we undertake the biggest, boldest, bravest and most important expedition of our time. We are setting out to journey to the last significant place in the polar region, as yet unreached.  The Northen Pole of Inaccessibility.

Please, take the time to click on the #LastPole and #IceWarrior links to immerse yourself in what we are doing and also link into the social media, share with friends and family so they can follow not just myself, but the others who will join me and of course the main sites… links on the main menu. These pages will give you all the information you need about the expedition and who is involved, what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Over the next few months I will be undertaking a grueling training regime, which you can follow on my YouTube channel ( and Twitter/Facebook/Instagram (linked at the bottom) as more active feeds. This blog will be more for the background science, my story in general and random thoughts as I go.

As for the expedition itself, well… under the citizen science programme I will be looking to raise sponsorship from companies and gain exposure through local media and other outlets throughout the summer and autumn of this year, which will allow me to partake. Please get in contact if you wish to participate as a partner in this incredible journey and be part of history in the making and I can explain in more detail what I can do for you in return for sponsorship. Again, it’s the BIGGEST, BOLDEST, BRAVEST and most IMPORTANT expedition of our time.

Please link into my social media below to follow my journey.

I  will also set up a private funding page, focused on kind giving, which I appreciate any donation from any one kind enough to do so. Even just a pound, it is all very much appreciated and goes direct to the training, equipment and expedition only.

Visit and and give Jim McNeill a follow on Facebook and Twitter for updates and be sure to follow the hashtags #LastPole and #Icewarriorproject. Jim is one of the worlds most experienced and respected explorers and has just secured Adobe Spark as a partner, as such the project now has a fantastic Adobe page –

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