The search for partners…

Only a brief musing to tick over, something to touch the toe in the water on spreading our message on what we need to do to achieve this goal, I will expand on it much more in the future.

So… The search is on. This week I have found myself entrenched in trying to juggle a late night training regime, as well as put together emails, letters and contacts in order to reach out to potential partners to be apart of this great expedition.

So far I have found that the majority of people you speak to are deeply concerned with climate change and have a great interest in what we are doing with the Ice Warrior project and wish to know more. I wish to push the message out as far as possible, I can only do this with your help, the help of communities and business a like and of course, social media. Companies and businesses are really starting to show their green credentials and this is a great opportunity to cement them in history and in advertising exposure.

The main goal is to fund our expedition, we genuinely can not do this without money, that’s the brass tacks of it. By becoming a partner, we can offer incredible benefits to your organisation in return for your sponsorship money, most notably a 6 to 1 return on money spent, as is evident from previous expeditions and of course dual branding through out the whole process. This is an incredible and vital scientific transect. The Arctic Pole is yet unconquered which makes it truly historical, the Last True Worlds First and one that will be recorded by the 3 Wise Monkeys production team for a documentary. You and your organisation can be part of this and I look forward to speaking to you, the marketing potential for years to come as well is truly expandable and an incredible investment.

So, it’s time to get spreading, mingling and talking to businesses big and small and going deeper in to what is on offer in being part of this incredible piece of history. You won’t regret getting involved.

So, drop a visit to and and read up and share with your friends, colleagues and families.

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