Back from an unofficial break.

First, I need to say, I had no intention of taking a break… this was completely unintentional, but necessary. In short, life got on top of me and I needed to take care of it and clean house, so to speak.

After losing my other grandmother back in the beginning of the year, I figured I could just keep going, but in reality it was yet another moment in life where cards needed to be stacked and loose ends trimmed. We’re half way through the year and I think it’s safe to say I have done what I needed to do and can pick back up the social media and get back on the campaign trail for Ice Warriors #LastPole attempt.

In the next few weeks I’ll ensure I keep all media updated, as well as external sources and introduce some of my backers and sponsors so far – I really don’t have that much to go.

Short and sweet blog this evening, but more planned in the week. Things have changed significantly as Ice Warrior HQ and with our team and it’s all for the betterment of our campaign.

Check out the sweet Vegan battle flag, courtesy of Vegan Unleashed. Much appreciated bro. It’ll come with me to represent the Vegan community up in those colder regions. Ziggy didn’t come with the flag, he just likes posing.


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