New year, same challenge

What a year, it’s been one hell of a ride… Now, I have been quite quiet, but for good reason. Having completed core skills and and continued training right through out November and December, it came as a bit of surprise that due to certain circumstances the #LastPole attempt has been put back a year to 2019. Now this presented some disappointment at first, but in reality this is a fantastic opportunity for not just myself but for all involved, we can now build a bigger presence and generate a bigger campaign and of course better and more involved training!

Now, I have raised a substantial sum already, but need to keep piling on the pressure with the campaign. Polar training is all I have left to complete so need to build my kit up which I can concentrate on over the next few months. I have some people to chase up and looking forward to the year ahead, being with Ice Warrior is an incredible experience and the team makes it so much more enjoyable. I will certainly be blogging a lot more over the year and due to start a partnership to blog elsewhere and will update as I go!

Here’s to 2018, have a good one and get at it!

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