Building blocks to a successful campaign

I’ve been a bit quiet, but it’s good quiet, I have been incredibly busy on the ground, on the phone, on the email, the carrier pigeon, the lot.

I’ve made some great contacts lately and tried to negotiate some deals for sponsorship partners and it’s looking great. I can’t and won’t disclose any information until it is truly confirmed, of course, as much as I want to. I’ve made some ins to get my persona out into as much media as possible and get more people talking.

One thing I have done lately, is increased the amount of time and effort I have been putting into this campaign and it’s truly time consuming and I genuinely don’t have a problem with this as it’s for a fantastic cause and one that is truly a once in a life time opportunity. But, I have decided to drop the YouTube channel – for now – with Facebook live, I can reach my audience in the same bubble and stream line.

I have a skills and fitness (eek) course coming up in the next few weeks and truly excited for it, it’s going to be my first physical endurance into the Ice Warrior brand as a novice and it feels good. I’ve honed my food and water intake for the day, I am training daily, so lets hope this is enough to meet the standards set by Ice Warrior in August.

If you haven’t done so yet, you should take a look at and see how you can get involved. You’d be surprised how easy it is!

It’s all for the good of the #LastPole!

Some words from Jim McNeill on what the Ice Warrior does

I hope to keep my blogs and updates here to once a week from now on, regardless of how busy I am with either work or Ice Warrior.

Until the next update…

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