Hit the ground running.

I’ve been canvassing as much as I possibly can with contacts I already know, but today I had the pleasure of meeting with The Monmouthshire Beacon news to give an interview and information about our campaign and pledge to reach the pole of inaccessibility and very much look forward to seeing the finished article.

It’s tricky trying to balance work and this personal campaign, especially when I am trying to eat, sleep and breathe each one, but happy so far with how it is progressing, I have made some great contacts who are incredibly keen to learn more and get involved with us and myself. So, I have hit the ground running, talking to as many people as I possible can and letting them know of my endeavour and it’s frantic and fun has it’s ups and downs, but over all truly enjoyable and learning so much as I go – which is key to any success.

So far, I have managed to secure £1000 pounds in funding towards my goal of £20000 in order for me to take part, which is a great step and very humbling to have others believe in this (and me) just as much as I do. I hope soon, once the details have been negotiated I can release the information here and on my social media.

Feel free to contact me any time to discuss getting involved in this incredible opportunity. There is so much on offer, you don’t want to miss out on making history with us.

Check out our Adobe spark page for more information on our quest for the #LastPole.


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